Native to Jaén (Andalucía, Spain), the biggest city of extra virgin olive oil production. We grew up amongst the olive trees and have taken on the challenge of bringing the best extra virgin olive oil to the wonderful country of Scotland, where we now live.

Every country has a hidden treasure and our purpose is giving us away!

We are glad to have you join us in this adventure.

Don´t wait any longer to enjoy its incredible flavour and to benefit from its healthy properties.

Jaén is not only the biggest producer of olive oil in the world but it also produces the highest quality oil. We are proud to offer you this treasure, our liquid gold, and contribute its nutritional benefits to your health.

Our company from Spain, Cooperativa San Juan, provides a wide variety of ​ Fuente Peña products, and its SupremoAOVE brand, is exclusively dedicated to gourmet products.

Supremo is an oil that promises quality over quantity. It is harvested during the first and last hours of the day while the temperature is still low. We constantly monitor the transport and the storage of the olives. Thus, we obtain the best version of the oil as we know it, resulting in an Iberian or “great reserve” oil.

We also offer a wide range of delicatessen and innovative products such as caviar, jams and salt.

Nuestro propósito es brindar diferentes experiencias a su paladar y enseñarle más acerca de este ámbito, contribuyendo a la vez con su salud. ​

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